#Audiobook Blog Tour: Life Is Short/Death Is Forever by S.A. Hartman

Audiobook Blog Tour: Life Is Short/Death Is Forever by S.A. Hartman

Finding joy and pleasure in each day without hurting anyone along the way

Author: S.A. Hartman, PhD

Narrator: Marc Louis Mintz

Length: 7 hours 45 minutes

Publisher: Steve A. Hartman

Released: Jan. 10, 2020

Genre: Self-Help; Memoir

Steve Hartman’s inspirational and motivational memoir is peppered with research-based observations, pointed questions, hilarious anecdotes, delicious – and terrifying – sexual escapades, and genuine concern for his fellow humans, indeed for all creatures great and small. His periodic Socratic approach often challenges acceptable norms and beliefs. Looking at life through the lens of his uniquely personal experiences and thoughts, Hartman shares valuable lessons on how to live a joyful pleasure filled life without lecturing to the listener.

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S.A. Hartman has written and produced two award winning short films, “Home from War,” depicting the impact of war on returning vets, and “Before it’s Too Late,” which stars two

Academy Award Nominees, Robert Loggia and Eric Roberts. This film illuminates the danger of driving beyond one’s ability as skills and reflexes diminish. In North Hollywood, he produced a new original theatrical musical comedy, “Reunion,” to mostly full houses during its six-week run to excellent reviews. He also published a sci-fi novel, “Sorry, it’s a Boy.” Steve has written several other feature scripts, one of which, “Charioteer,” was optioned for a TV series. The production company’s option expired permitting the renewed search for another production opportunity.

His latest project, a non-fiction book, “Life is Short/Death is Forever,” now on Amazon, is best described as an autobiographical self-help book based on his unusual experiences and skills. Contrary to the title, many have commented that it is truly “a fun read.” He was a consultant for many years helping international and domestic companies manage and grow their businesses in a variety of industries including; int’l finance, robotics, aerospace, textiles, computer technology, hospitality, and served as an investment banker for Vanguard, a New York firm. Steve earned a Master’s Degree in Oceanography and Marine Biology at Long Island University, and has a Ph.D. in Biophysics from NYU in New York City. He was an adjunct faculty member of Columbia University- appointed by the president of Columbia University to the International Seminar on Pollution and Water Resources, and served there as an advisor to the World Bank as a representative of the Columbia University Faculty.

Narrator Bio

Marc Louis Mintz is a baritone voice artist, actor, and audio engineer.

Marc took the long way back to his professional home. Building on his roots in the LA area as a clinical therapist, Marc produced motivational workshops, served in AT&T Management Development and Computer Operations, and started I/Opening Productions to bring desktop computer animation to advertising and movies. Marc also founded one of NM’s longest-lived IT training and consulting groups while publishing 13 cybersecurity books. 

Now Marc operates his own Voice Over Artist and Sound Studio in Santa Fe, where his voice can be heard in commercials, eLearning, and audiobooks. Marc can be reached at marc@marclmintz.com

Q&A with Author S.A. Hartman from BGE Presents

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