#Audiobook Blog Tour: Raindrops On Roses by Millenia Black

Audiobook Blog Tour: Raindrops On Roses by Millenia Black

Author: Millenia Black

Narrator: Sharon Lacey

Length: 4 hours 23 minutes

Series: Favorite Things Trilogy, Book 1

Publisher: Millenia Black

Released: Dec. 10, 2015

Genre: Romance

What happens when the man you love falls in love with someone else?

Mayfair Island, Florida: Grief-stricken after the sudden loss of her beloved grandmother, who was an enduring but reclusive Hollywood icon, young Priscilla Bauer finds herself adrift and looking to find solace in the arms of her vast inheritance when she meets the kind and considerate corporate brand designer Michael Frost – a drop-dead gorgeous beacon of light in her all-too-dark night.

Falling hard and falling fast, Priscilla has no idea she’s stepped into dangerous territory…because someone else has already branded Michael Frost her very own – and she has no intention of ever letting him go.

Passions are high, but bitter vengeance gets even higher!

With Raindrops on Roses, the captivating Favorite Things novella trilogy takes flight!

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No one does family and relationship drama quite like bestselling author Millenia Black! Heralded as a double life and relationship expert, she’s been a featured guest on radio shows across the country, discussing the 7 Smoke Signals Your Man is Living a Double Life. 

Millenia lives in Florida where she’s currently unmarried and has never dated anyone living a double life…

She thinks.

Praise for Millenia Black 

“Intensely intriguing and deeply riveting, Black’s latest is a first-rate page-turner that will draw you in from the very beginning and never let go.” —Sheri Melnick, RT Book Reviews, Top Pick 

“Ms. Black is a talented writer, and I can’t wait to read many more of her books…”—Carol Ann Culbert Johnson, MyShelf.com 

 “Millenia Black is a mistress at neatly laying out each part of the story, like building an elaborate building that forms a fascinating whole. She clearly and succinctly draws verbal pictures of each character and their interrelationships with each other. It is masterful…” —Jeri Neal, The Romance Reader’s Connection

Narrator Bio

Formerly a radio deejay, television news producer, and national award winning teacher, Sharon Lacey is now an internationally touring comedian. She performs in comedy clubs all across North America and has been on two comedy tours to entertain U.S. troops in Kuwait and Iraq. Sharon has been to Africa four times, where she performs for Ugandan audiences in two of their tribal languages. She also brings desperately needed supplies to the children and elderly in Ugandan villages.

You’ve seen Sharon on the Disney Channel, ABC, Lifetime, and A&E. She is an alumnus of the San Francisco and Seattle Comedy Competitions, the Bay Area Black Comedy Competition, Bridgetown Comedy Festival, NW Women’s Comedy Festival, finalist in Seattle’s Got Funny Competition, runner up in Portland’s Rose City Talent Contest, and a finalist in the A.M. Northwest Comedy Competition and the Shades of Laughs Urban Comedy Competition.


Top 10 List

Millenia Black’s Top Ten Musical Groups of All Time!

Wow, this was a pretty tough one, but I had so much fun putting this list together!

As a de facto music connoisseur, I think it’s almost impossible to confine your all-time favorite bands to a paltry ten picks, therefore I have to kick things off with a few who didn’t make the list simply because I ran out of room!

Honorable mentions go to: The Beach Boys. The Temptations. Air Supply. The Eagles. And of course—The Beatles. The awesomeness of these groups is so great, this tens list simply couldn’t hold them.

#10. Fleetwood Mac

Let’s see…what can I say about Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac? “Dreams” is my absolute favorite song of theirs—it’s simply divine. Listening to this gem of a song from the 1977 Rumours album is like pampering your eardrums! And it brings me right back to riding around with my mom in her Cougar running errands. The sweet days in life. “Rhiannon” and “Little Lies” aren’t bad either. 😉

#9. JoDeCi  

I’ve heard this R&B band referred to as the “original Spanish Fly.” Well, considering that I was in the passionate throes of puberty when sexy hits like, “Forever My Lady,” “Stay,” and “I’m Still Waiting” hit the airwaves, I guess I might have to agree! 

#8. Journey 

Steve Perry. Need I say more? Pitch-perfect Steve freakin’ Perry. Having grown up in the 1980s, hit classics like “Don’t Stop Believin,'” “Open Arms,” “Faithfully,” and “Who’s Cryin’ Now” take me right back to the good old days! 

#7. Simon & Garfunkel

Harmony, anyone? Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel have one of the best harmonizing vocal sounds in musical history! “Hello Darkness, my old friend…” Who doesn’t get goosebumps every. single. time. they hear that opening? “Bridge Over Troubled Water”? Oh, just another musical masterpiece! And of course they have many, many others. Bottom line? Simon & Garfunkel is what the art of vocal performance is all about!

#6. The Commodores  

I often get hits that Lionel Ritchie had as a solo artist mixed up with The Commodores, which was a group that made timeless music still in heavy rotation today. “Brickhouse”? Just an American staple. And I’ve always thought “Three Times a Lady” was a Lionel Ritchie solo, but nope, it’s The Commodores. And it happens to be once, twice, three times one of the most beautiful songs ever written!! But wait. It could tie with “Just to Be Close to You,” “Still,” or “Easy,” more lyrical masterpieces written by Ritchie but performed with the group. The Commodores make our jagged edges smooth. Love them!

#5. The Carpenters

“We’ve Only Just Begun.” “Close to You.” Go listen to these hits right now. Songs so beautiful, they almost leave you in awe. Karen Carpenter had one of the most beautiful voices in the history of music. With her, hitting notes and staying on pitch was completely effortless and natural, her voice was so pure and clean. In all honesty, I could probably listen to this woman sing for the rest of my natural life!

#4. The Bee Gees  

Staying Alive! One thing’s for sure—you could never get The Bee Gees mixed up with anyone else! Barry Gibb’s high falsetto is a musical trademark and I grew up loving their music. Even now, most of their songs sound like they could’ve been released yesterday. Some of my favorites: “You Should Be Dancing,” “Too Much Heaven,” “Night Fever,” “If I Can’t Have You,” “More Than a Woman,” “How Deep is Your Love,” and of course, “Stayin’ Alive.” Okay, I’ll leave it there. Really.

#3. Bob Marley & the Wailers  

Is this love that I’m feeling? Oh, man. There’s just something about the rhythm of reggae in general, but Bob Marley’s music is definitely in a league of its own! Just ask John Grogan, author of the bestselling memoir, MARLEY & ME. Bob’s soulful delivery magically transcends cultures, achieves social reform and lives in the hearts of people all over the world. I even remember hearing it blasting in the street when I was in France! Even the French love Bob! I can’t list favorites. Pick one, any one. Chances are I adore it!

#2. The Jackson 5  

Okay, wait. I’m still debating whether or not they should be my #1… I mean, it doesn’t get much better if you’re looking for a fantastically diverse string of hits. From “I Want You Back” to “Dancing Machine” to “Never Can Say Goodbye” to “Who’s Loving You” to “Got to Be There” to the beautiful and precious, “Ben,” the Jackson 5 have way too many mainstream hits in their catalogue to play favorites. And let’s face it—Michael Jackson was in a league of his own even then!

Which leads me to number one. May I have a drum roll please? Because my #1 FAVORITE MUSICAL GROUP of all time may surprise you…









#1. Bread!  

☻/ღ˚ •。* ♥ ˚ ˚✰˚ ˛★* 。 ღ˛° 。* °♥ ˚ • ★ *˚ .ღ 。

/▌*˛˚ღ •˚ ~♥~˚ ✰* ★•˚ ~♥~˚ ✰* ★•˚ ~♥~˚ ✰* ★

/ \ ˚. ★ *˛ ˚♥* ✰。˚ ˚ღ。* ˛˚ ♥ 。✰˚* ˚ ★ღ ★ ღ˛°

Seriously?? Yep, you read that right. Bread. This. is. music. Talk about a catalogue of pure magic!! Disguised as music for the masses, of course! 

As a group, Bread was led by lead vocalist David Gates and produced some of the most gorgeously pristine and timelessly melodic masterpieces ever. I think they’re right up there with Beethoven! “Aubrey” has to be one of the most beautiful songs ever recorded, hands down. And jewels like, “Make it With You,” “If,” “Everything I Own,” solidify Bread as pure musical genius—and my favorite musical group of all time!!

Thanks so much for reading!



  • “This Night” — Black Lab 

– One of Michael’s favorites that haunts Amber after the split.

  • “Tennis Court” — Lorde 

– From Cilla’s playlist. She loves Lorde!

  • “Danny Boy” — Judy Garland 

– Played at Hollywood legend Veronica Bauer’s funeral.

  • “Photograph” — Nickelback 

– From Michael’s playlist.

  • “Only Sixteen” — Sam Cooke 

– From Veronica Bauer’s playlist.

  • “Turned to Black” — Lisa Marie Presley 

– From Amber’s playlist…for obvious reasons. 🙂

  • “These Arms of Mine” — Otis Redding 

– From Veronica Bauer’s playlist.

  • “My Favorite Things” — Julie Andrews 

– The beautiful titular inspiration! 


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