#Audiobook Blog Tour: Kingdom of Embers by Tricia Copeland

Audiobook Blog Tour: Kingdom of Embers by Tricia Copeland

They used to be each other’s imaginary friend. Now these supernatural high-school kids are playing for keeps in the real world…

Author: Tricia Copeland

Narrator: Amy Deuchler

Length: 8 hours 18 minutes

Series: Kingdom Journals, Book 1

Publisher: True Bird Publishing LLC

Released: February 1, 2017

Genre: Fantasy; YA

Her pale skin and weird diet make her a target at school. If only they knew the truth about her feeding habits…

Seventeen-year-old Alena Scott is tired of pretending to be something she’s not. As an outlawed vampire-witch hybrid, she’s forced to abide by the oppressive secrecy imposed by her Vampire Chancellor mother. But she’ll have to ignore the rules when she comes face-to-face with a handsome, full-grown version of her childhood imaginary friend.

Shocked that he recognizes her as his own pretend play pal, the two embark on a quest to solve the mystery of their fantasized companionship. And as they unravel their entwined destinies, Alena realizes she holds the key to a curse which could free them all—or condemn witchkind to eternal suffering.

Can Alena and her impossibly familiar partner reverse an ancient spell before they’re sent to a mortal grave?

Kingdom of Embers is the first book in the enthralling Kingdom Journals YA urban fantasy series. If you like intriguing characters, shadowy magic, and a fresh twist on modern vampire storylines, then you’ll love Tricia Copeland’s heart-stopping tale.

Buy Kingdom of Embers to embrace a prophetic fate today!


Tricia Copeland grew up in a hot, sticky, rural south Georgia town where pine trees and alligators ruled the landscape. Since then she’s moved west to the purple mountain majesties of Colorado. Her books span from the dystopian, paranormal, and fantasy, to coming-of-age and new adult romance genres. You can find more about her and all her books at triciacopeland.com.


Amy is a Chicago-based voice artist and actor specializing in audiobook narration, e-learning, and radio or TV commercials. Amy is professionally trained in commercial and narration voiceover and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Theatre from Marquette University and a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. In her spare time, Amy also enjoys reading, painting, designing lights and scenery for theatre, and biking. She lives with her boyfriend and their three cats just north of Chicago.


  • Alena (pronounced Uh-LEE-nuh) – Alena tells the story of how she, a seventeen year-old vampire-witch hybrid, must hide her identity from everyone, human, witch, and vampire alike because creatures like her are forbidden by vampire and witch laws. She is desperate to figure out what her mother is looking for and in the process meets Hunter, an imaginary friend from age four. Hunter and she embark on a mission to discover how they knew they interacted as children. They find they are the key to releasing a curse on witch souls damning them to purgatory.
  • Hunter – Seventeen year-old Hunter has no clue he is a witch, but there is no doubt in his mind that he knew Alena as a child. Once she reveals that witches do exist and helps him awaken his powers, he commits to figuring out what his purpose is and why they were able to interact as preschoolers.
  • Theron – Seventeen year-old vampire-witch hybrid, Theron, may be the only other being like Alena. He is wild and reckless and Alena is drawn to his energy. But there is also something dark and sinister about him. Questions arise as Alena learns Theron is Hunter’s half-brother.
  • Thanatos – A centuries old witch and High Priest of the Witch Lines, he is father to Hunter and Theron.
  • Anne – Alena’s vampire mother and Vampire Chancellor, she will do everything in her power to protect her daughter.

  1. Heathens – Twenty One Pilots 
  2. Fire Escape – Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness 
  3. Immortals – Fall Out Boys 
  4. Centuries – Fall Out Boys
  5. Whatever It Takes – Imagine Dragons
  6. Believer – Imagine Dragons
  7. Witchcraft – Frank Sinatra
  8. The Witch – Pop-ups
  9. Demons – Imagine Dragons
  10. Kingdom in My Heart – The Glorious Sons

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